Murphy & De Palma Hit The Boards

Jimmy Murphy and Ralph De Palma, two of the greatest drivers in all of auto racing history are seen in this dramatic board track speedway high-speed battle. De Palma won the 1915 Indianapolis 500 and Murphy went on to win the 1921 French Grand Prix and the 1922 Indianapolis 500. Murphy also won this race, and De Palma retired with mechanical maladies.
The cutline of the photo appears below. Click on the attachment for a better look.
"ONE OF THE MOST EXCITING AUTOMOBILE RACES ON RECORD - pictured at the national championship races at Los Angeles Speedway April 10, 1920. Murphy won from De Palma with an average of 109.3 miles an hour. De Palma was forced to drop out of the fifty-mile final race with his motor in flames. The racers were going at the rate of 112 miles an hour when the above picture was taken."
Thanks to auto racing historian Don Culver for this outstanding contribution.

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