Newell Motsinger in Empire

This image first appeared in the Sunday, December 19, 1909 Indianapolis Star. The man at the wheel is Newell Motsinger but the mechanic is unidentified. They were cutting laps during the first time trials at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway after the track's brick paving project had been completed.
Motsinger was driving the smallest car at the event, a classification essentially created to accommodate the manufacturer, Empire, of which the Speedway's ownership, primarily President Carl Fisher, had a sizable stake. Both drivers are bundled up (Motsinger has cloth wrapped around his face) as protection to fend off the cold.
The original caption to the photo read as follows:
"Newell Motsinger, in his Empire car, was a prominent figure at the Speedway events Friday. His new car was given its first test on a race track. The driver expressed extreme satisfaction with its showing. Local auto devotees are also proud of it because like many other of the world's best motor cars, it is manufactured in this city. Motsinger also wore a "halloween mask" made of chamois skin."

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