Oldfield vs. Kaiser, May 1906

Barney Oldfield's victory in the Hoosier Sweepstakes event during the May 30, 1906 Decoration Day races at the Indiana State Fairgrounds was controversial. Confusion reigned as the two drivers matched up in the first heat of the contest apparently thought the race distance was five miles while the officials believed they had made it clear the event was for only three miles. Worse, while Paul Kaiser in the Peerless White Streak led at three miles, Oldfield in his Peerless Green Dragon led at five. This forced an additional two-mile runnoff heat and Oldfield ended up winning that. The two cars were apparently evenly matched as they ran wheel-to-wheel the entire time.
The much heralded "Thomas Toronado" of Charles C.A. Coey proved a no-show and the heat races had to be reorganized. After winning the first heat, Oldfield and his purpose-built Green Dragon lined up against "W.F." Jap Clemens in the modified stock National. Oldfield overwhelmed Clemens and won the contest in five minutes, 28.4 seconds. The day was capped off by Oldfield breaking the Indiana State Fairgrounds track record with a 58.6 second mile lap run. He was given what was described as a tremendous ovation.

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