Peter Paul Willis

This image of Peter "P.P." Willis was published in the Indianapolis Star on April 27, 1910. Willis was Indianapolis' top motorsport and automotive journalist and wrote for the Star. Extremely knowledgeable the occasion for this report was that Willis was changing jobs. His career move took him to the sales department of the Overland Automobile Company. Later in his career Willis moved into advertising, first at the National Motor Vehicle Company and subsequently at the Thomas-Carroll-Tripp Advertising Agency in Cleveland, Ohio.
The cutline associated with this photo read as follows: "P.P. Willis, an Indianapolis newspaper writer, whose articles on automobiles have attracted attention in the middle West, has taken a position in the sales department of the Overland Automobile Company. In the last year Mr. Willis has been in close touch with the automobile industry in the middle West as a writer, and he enters his new field well equipped for the work."

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