Playa Del Rey Rising

The image artifact you see here was derived from a photograph that originally appeared in the Indianapolis Star on February 26, 1910. It was captured at as the finishing touches were being put on the world's first automobile racing board track speedway - Playa Del Rey outside Los Angeles. 
The inaugural race meet for the track took place the following month and attracted some of the biggest names in the sport, including Barney Oldfield, Ralph DePalma, Ray Harroun, Harris Hanshue, and Caleb Bragg. The local angle for the newspaper was that Hoosier racing star "Farmer Bill" Endicott was on hand to do test laps in his Indianapolis-built Cole racer. Endicott owned a farm in Crawfordsville, Indiana down the road from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
Below is the caption that ran with the original photo.
"The new board track or motordrome at Los Angeles, Cal., is rapidly nearing completion and will be ready for spring automobile races, which are now scheduled to take place on March 6. Car No.9 in the picture is a Cole '30' made by the Cole Motor Car Company, of Indianapolis, with driver William Endicott, of Indianapolis, at the wheel. Endicott has been taking part in the daily workouts on the new track and will be in good shape for the big race events."

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