Racer & Boxer: Fisher & Jeffries

This image ran in the November 28, 1909 Indianapolis Star the day after the paper ran a story about former heavyweight world boxing champion Jim Jeffries visiting Indianapolis. Jeffries was performing at Tomlinson Hall - primarially a three-round sparring match with a fighter named Sam Berger.
Jeffries was hosted at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway by track Founder and President Carl Fisher. Fisher drove them around the newly paved brick oval in partner James Allison's Stoddard-Dayton touring car - which is the machine you can see in this image with Fisher at the wheel. The boxer also visited the track's aerodrome in the infield. There he sat in Joseph "J.W." Curzon's Farman airplane and a photo of that moment was also captured by the Star. The shot of the airplane and an additional shot with Jeffries at the wheel of the car ran the previous day.

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