Ralph Mulford (by WK Gilbert)

This is original art by artist WK Gilbert (owner, Gilbert Art). It is just one of several pieces Gilbert has prepared about the first Indianapolis 500.
This piece depicts driver Ralph Mulford in the second-place finishing Lozier racer. The race was controversial as accidents created scoring confusion. While the historians that have studied the situation with the greatest scrutiny believe the awarding of the victory to Ray Harroun was just, there is a shadow of doubt as mistakes were made and reconstructing events proved virtually impossible. To eliminate interminable reviews Indianapolis Motor Speedway President and Founder Carl Fisher conferred with American Automobile Association (AAA) officials to render a prompt final decision. He then destroyed all records pertaining to the event.
Mulford, who passed away in 1973, was reportedly a gentleman about the outcome but believed until his dying day he was the true victor. Check out other content elsewhere on First Super Speedway about Ralph Mulford:

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