Recuperation of Joe Dawson & His Sister

In this contribution from Larry Snyder, the grandson of Joe's brother Charles, we can see 1912 Indianapolis 500 winner Joe Dawson recuperating from injuries suffered in the 1914 Indianapolis 500. He suffered back injuries that proved to be career ending. It is believed Joe met his first wife, Janet A. Overman and married April 21, 1917. There is no known record of the reason their union ended.  It is believed Janet worked as a nurse at Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis where Joe recuperated after his devestating 1914 Indianapolis 500 accident that ended his auto racing career. In two other pictures Joe is photographed individually with a hat off and with a hat on. Those with the hat off provide a clearer image of his face.
In one of the two snapshots presented here we see his mother, Clara Belle Crooke visiting him. In the other we see an image of his sister, Clara LaReign Dawson (born September 28, 1902 in Chicago, died October 13, 1990 in Monroe, Michigan) who the family called, "Reign." Reign had two children.
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