Rene Thomas - 1912

The original source cites the driver as Rene Thomas in a Lion-Peugeot at the Coupe Des Voiturettes in 1912. Thomas won the 1914 Indianapolis 500. Know more? Fill me in.
The Lion-Peugeot company is interesting in that it was separate from the Peugeot company. The two companies were derivatives of a falling out of cousins Eugene and Armand Peugeot in 1880s. Armand wanted to start an automobile business and Eugene that it was a costly endeavor with too much risk. After the passing of Eugene in 1905 his sons entered the auto business, marketing under the brand Lion-Peugeot. The two factions combined in 1910 with Robert Peugeot - one of Eugene's sons - taking the helm. Armand passed away a few years later, but had no sons to inherit a role in the business.
Voiturette is a term that was first applied to relatively small automobiles in the 1890s.

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