Rene Thomas at French GP

This photo is of 1914 Indianapolis 500 winner Rene Thomas in one of the Lion-Peugeot racers at the 1912 French Grand Prix.  The race was held on the public roads in and around Dieppe, France. Thomas also finished second in the 1920 Indianapolis 500. Thomas struggled in the 1912 French Grand Prix, retiring on the seventh lap with mechanical trouble.
The Lion-Peugeot Company is interesting in that it was separate from the Peugeot Company. The two companies were derivatives of a falling out of cousins Eugene and Armand Peugeot in 1880s. Armand wanted to start an automobile business and Eugene that it was a costly endeavor with too much risk. After the passing of Eugene in 1905, his sons entered the auto business, marketing under the brand Lion-Peugeot. The two factions combined in 1910 with Robert Peugeot - one of Eugene's sons - taking the helm. Armand passed away a few years later but had no sons to inherit a role in the business.

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