Saab Rally Car

This is an image of a Saab rally car by artist David Story. David's comments appear below.


"I did this sketch the other day of one the old Saab Rally cars from the early 60's I think. Who would have ever thought a Saab could be a race car.  I even new this guy that had one of the early 2 cycle versions. It was the funniest thing to be next to the thing when it was idling.  I kept wondering if I had left my dirt bike running for some reason. His car was a dependable car which was always a plus.  I remember the first time we saw it at the local hamburger stand and we as to see the engine. We looked under the hood and weren't sure that we had found it.  It surely wasn't considered a hip or cool car then, but in those days you were glad to have anything that ran on a semi regular basis."
Original art prepared exclusively for First Super Speedway by David Story.

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