Sam Miles, 1910

This is an image artifact of a photograph of Samuel A. Miles appeared in the February 5, 1910, Indianapolis News. As you can see from the heading Miles was serving as the top executive of the 1910 Chicago Automobile Show. He was president of the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers (NAAM) the organization producing the event. There is not a lot known about Miles, but he was among the officials of the automotive industry and/or motorsports of the day. Most of this "class" of individuals are unknown today, but in their time they were among the power brokers.
Other racing officials of the time you can read about are listed below. Perhaps the two who are best documented are Fred Wagner, the top American Automobile Association (AAA) starter (he started all the Long Island Vanderbilt Cup races as well as the first two Indianapolis 500s), and Arthur Pardington, best known as the chief official of the Vanderbilt Cup. Wagner's book, "Saga of the Roaring Road," is available on First Super Speedway. Learn more about Wagner, Pardington and other important leaders at the links below.

Other mentions of Miles on First Super Speedway can also be found at the following links.

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