Santa Monica Road Race 1912

This photo of Teddy Tetzlaff in his Fiat at the Dick Ferris 1912 Santa Monica road race was submitted to First Super Speedway by Ralph Bradley. Below is a note he sent me to explain. Check out the medal (found elsewhere on First Super Speedway) that was presented to Tetzlaff for the win.
"Attached are scanned copies of the photo taken by my great-grandfather and my great, great uncle at the 1912 Santa Monica Road Races. I scanned the photo along with a scan of its backside which contains a handwritten caption. I think the handwritten caption is what makes the photo so appealing since there is not a lot of detail in the image of the car. According to the caption, the car is the Fiat that won the Free-For-All Race with Teddy Tetzlaff at the wheel. The date of this event was May 4th, 1912.
On May 30th, 1912 Tetzlaff finished 2nd in the second running of the Indianapolis 500 in the same car I believe. I think the Fiat on display at the IMS museum may be the Tetzlaff car but I'm not sure. I was born in Colorado as well as several preceding generations of my family. My great-grandfather and his brother moved to California to become farmers. At the time of the 1912 Santa Monica races, they owned a large lemon grove. They eventually went broke growing lemons and returned to Colorado. Here is the kicker for me: Their lemon grove was located at Sunset and LaBrea! I have often thought that If only that piece of land had remained in the family there might be a car in the speedway museum with the Bradley family name on it today."

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