Smokey Yunick's 1964 "Podcar"

When it comes to examples of innovation at the Indianapolis 500 a lot of historians will point to this bizarre creation from the "Best Damn Garage in Town" by Smokey Yunick. Built for the 1964 "500," the car failed to make the show but Yunick's reputation for innovation remained intact. 
Still, its unique design continues to make it a standout and a favorite among race fans. NASCAR driver Bobby Johns attempted to qualify the car fans and media alternatively dubbed the "sidecar," the "podcar," and the "sidewinder." Regardless of the nickname most observers felt the creation looked flat-out dangerous as the driver seemed precariously exposed. Officially known as the "Hurst Floor Shift Special," the machine was funded by aftermarket car parts entrepreneur George Hurst.
This is another great perspective piece from artist David Story.

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