Speedway "Bright" Image

This photo appeared in the February 27, 1910 Indianapolis Star. In terms of the news business this is an example of a "bright" or a an odd story that breaks the mold and perhaps provides a kind of break from what is expected from the media. Many times this involves a bit of humor but not necessarily. In this case it does as we see the image of two children in a minature car that are jokingly represented as entries in races during the upcoming season at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The caption that appeared with the image says it all:
"E.A. Moross, director of the Speedway contests, has procured the first entries for the season's speed events. They are Addison Miller Jr. and his 'mechanician' his little sister Marion. They are the children of Addison Miller, manager of the English Opera House. The youthful pilot was disappointed because his picture could not be taken in action. An exhibition may be given by these young motor devotees at the opening Speedway event."
This item was having a bit of fun with how hard Ernie Moross was working to create events at the Brickyard. His efforts included a trip to Europe to recruit race cars and aviators.

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