Stanley Kellogg, Merkel Rider, 1909

Stanley Kellogg was widely seen as the top amateur motorcycle racer in America during 1909. This image was created from microfilm of a newspaper photo originally published in the August 5, 1909, Indianapolis News in the days leading up to the first motorized competition at the new Indianapolis Motor Speedway on August 14, 1909. The photograph supported an article about how Kellogg was among the first riders to arrive in the Hoosier capital in the lead up to the motorcycle races. 
Kellogg rode with the Merkel factory team, known as the "Flying Merkels," from Pottstown, Pennsylvania. He had an excellent career winning numerous races with several different factory teams including Excelsior and Indian along with Merkel. One interesting point, too, is at this point in history the definition of the term, "amateur" was a topic of debate among the officials of motorcycle governance.
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