Stoddard-Dayton Conquers Los Angeles

This image of a Stoddard-Dayton "Runabout" is derived from a photo that was published in the December 4, 1907, Indianapolis News. Stoddard-Dayton was a featured model of Indianapolis Motor Speedway Founder Carl Fisher's dealership, the Fisher Automobile Company.
The following is the caption that originally appeared with the picture:
"The Fisher Automobile Company has received a telegram giving particulars of a noteworthy performance of a Stoddard-Dayton car on the coast. At the annual hill-climbing contest at Los Angeles, on November 29, over a course three and seven-eighths miles in length of 7 to 9 percent gradient, the Stoddard-Dayton 1908 roadster covered the distance in five minutes and twenty-one and one-half seconds from a standing start, defeating the six-cylinder Stevens-Duryea, the previous record holder, by twenty seconds. After this remarkable performance the Thomas Sixty, the Packard and the Pope-Hartford, which had entered the contest, were withdrawn. The Stearns, White Steamer, Thomas Forty, Haynes and many others competed. The 1908 Stoddard roadster was one of the few cars which finished the 630-mile Chicago reliability run of last week with a perfect score. A 1907 roadster, it will be remembered, was the only gasoline car to finish in the Glidden tour for the Hower trophy with a perfect score."

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