Strang "Earthquake" Buick

This photo appeared in the September 14, 1909, Indianapolis News. It was in promotion of the upcoming 24-hour "grinder" at Brighton Beach. It was also in the wake of the tragic first auto racing weekend of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It shows Lewis Strang at the wheel of the special, high-powered V-8 Buick entry. The Speedway's surface was seen as too rough for the car, for fear of excessive jarring jumps. In a surprise move, Strang retired from driving just days after this photo was published. He returned to race again, only to lose his life in an endurance run two years later.
The cutline associated with the photo reads as follows:
"Lewis Strang, of the Buick racing team, is shown in his new V-shaped, eight cylinder racing car, the Earthquake. The car, which was given its first trial in the road races at Lowell, Mass. last week, was built to smash records at the opening of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway but has not entered because of the unsatisfactory condition of the track."

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