Swan Floral Car - 1910

The floral parade was one of the most anticipated features of the March 1910 Indianapolis Automobile Show. The car was a competitor for awards issued in the "private entry" class, which was one of three categories by which cars were organized. The other two were "dealers" and "unique" class. You can find another image of the car elsewhere on First Super Speedway which supported an interesting article about the parade originally published in the March 31, 1910, Indianapolis Star
The car was Buick owned by a gentleman named Malcolm "M.G." Porter. Porter was accompanied by his wife and two other women: Miss Lillian Kern and Miss Dorothy Haskett. This car was adorned with brown and gold artificial Chrysanthemums. At the front, a large swan made of white flowers rode with ribbons extending back from its mouth like reins that were held by a large doll at the top of the machine.
The parade visited the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. This helped to introduce the city to its new crown jewel which recently was paved with bricks.
A big thanks for sharing this original photo goes to First Super Speedway reader C.L. Erickson.

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