"Unofficial" French GP 1913

This image is a terrific contribution from First Super Speedway reader Mike Larro. Mike points out that there were two French Grand Prix in 1913, and this image comes from the second, what some call "unofficial" French Grand Prix in the vicinity of Le Mans. This image is of the winner, Paul Bablot, who finished fourth in the "official" 1913 French Grand Prix at Amiens. Bablot drove a Delage. Bablot also finished sixth in the 1919 Indianapolis 500.
The photo caption reads, "A triumph Delage Cars and Continental tyres - Bablot on the car on which he won the Grand Prix De France. The Grand Prix motor race promoted by the Sarthe Automobile Club resulted in a triumph for Delage cars, which took the first two places. Bablot, the winner, covered the 355.5 miles at an average speed of nearly 77 miles an hour, a record for long-distance road racing. One lap he did at 85 miles an hour, also a record. His time was four hours, 21 minutes and 50 seconds. Guyot was second with 4 hours, 26 minutes and 30 seconds. Both cars were fitted with Continental tyres. The chief points in the course were Le Mans, Ecommoy, and the fork near Le Grand Luce."
This image was originally published in the August 23, 1913, Illustrated London News

1913 Aug 23, Illustrated London News, Bablot in his Delage racer that won the Unofficial Grand Prix de France at Le mans of Aug 5.JPG105.43 KB