Wagner and Demogeot - 1906

This image is derived from a photograph that was published in the October 5, 1906 Indianapolis News. It shows 1906 Vanderbilt Cup winner Louis Wagner (left) and Victor Demogeot (right), who rode with Victor Hemery in his win for Darracq in the 1905 running for the same trophy. Wagner had not yet won the Vanderbilt Cup by the time this picture was published.
The commentary in the caption below is curious. Demogeot is referred to as a "coach" to Wagner. It is unclear what this means. One might assume that he would serve as Wagner's riding mechanic but that duty went to Louis Vivet. Demogeot was an established mechanic at Darracq, as noted above. He occasionally drove as well and that is noted in the caption below in the reference to his success at the 1905 Ormond Beach speed tournament. It may have been his biggest accomplishment in driving.
The caption with the photos originally read as follows:
"Louis Wagner and Victor Demogeot, who arrived in this country by way of Quebec, will act as pilot and coach of the great Darracq car. Wagner is the handsome young driver whose sensational work last year in the Vanderbilt race caused excitement. A slight accident put Wagner out of the running, but he took away with him a splendid reputation. Following his good work in America Wagner gained honors in Europe. His latest and most sensational record was in the Circuit of Ardennes races, when he covered 100 kilometers in 52:49 or seventy-two miles an hour. Wagner won the contest. His car for the Vanderbilt will be the identical car with which he scored his great victories this year. The fact that Victor Demogeot will act as coach for Louis Wagner in the great 100-horsepower Darracq car is interesting news to Americans, inasmuch as Demogeot gained the title of "Speed King" at Ormond last January when he drove two miles in the phenomenal time of 58.8 seconds. Demogeot came to America as Hemery's mechanic and when Hemery refused to operate the big car Demogeot took the seat and established the most remarkable speed figures ever known. His feat astounded the world. His presence with Wagner will add interest to the race and will attract particular attention to the Darracq record-breakers."

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