William T. Muir - Kentucky Champion

The Indianapolis News ran an article - supported by this photo - on May 30, 1906 hyping entries for the Decoration Day races at the Indiana State Fairgrounds three days later. This picture is of William Muir, who was billed as the "Kentucky Champion." 
Muir is described as a young millionaire from Lexington, Kentucky and he had entered a Pope-Toledo. He was reportedly so determined to beat Barney Oldfield in competition after losing to him the previous week in Lexington that he had announced he would follow Barney around the country until accomplishing his goal. The article also asserts that Muir was the United States representative in the James Gordon Bennett Cup in 1905 but I have found nothing to corroborate that report.
I want to add this is an extremely rare image. I would love to know if anyone is aware of another picture of this man.

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