Wyoming Racing #1

This image was submitted by historian James Fuller. The venue was the four-mile dirt track at Cheyenne, Wyoming. The track operated from 1909 to 1919. Check out additional images on First Super Speedway.
According to another historian, Robert Rampton, we learn this is Harold Brinker, at speed in his Cadillac “8”, heading into the south curve at the end of the home straightaway at the "Frontiers Day" racing celebration in 1915. By this time the track had been shortened to one mile. Sources from the time indicate the car was painted a sinister “coal-black." Model 51 Cadillacs, with a 314-cubic inch, L-head V8 was introduced model wide in September of 1914 and marketed as 1915 cars. They were rated at 70 hp and had a wheelbase of 122 inches. 
Robert has more to share about Brinker. He reports that Brinker and this particular car were well known and highly regarded in Western U.S. racing, particularly in Colorado and Wyoming. He competed in city-to-city runs, raced locomotives, ran in speed carnivals at Denver's Overland Park track. He was reportedly always ready for a match race challenge.
Robert is not sure but believes Brinker was hired by Cadillac of Denver to drive this car. He apparently destroyed the machine in a big shunt during a Denver-to-Cheyenne race in 1916. Brinker went into business by opening up an automobile garage in Denver. He raced a variety of cars, including Chalmers and Mercer but in 1918 was drafted into military service during World War I. Apparently, he was not sent overseas but instead was placed into service training soldiers in auto mechanics.

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