Wyoming Racing #2

This image was submitted by historian James Fuller. The venue was the four-mile dirt track at Cheyenne, Wyoming. The track operated from 1909 to 1919. Check out additional images on First Super Speedway.

 From right to left, another historian, Robert Rampton, has identified the cars and drivers as follows: In the first position is a low-riding Amplex driven by Art Wagner, from Denver. In the number 2 position is a well-known favorite, touted in all the local papers as the "Barney Oldfield of the West," Harold Brinker, now of Denver. Brinker was behind the wheel of his famous stripped down V-8 Cadillac stock car. In the third spot is Ed Pavelka, of Cheyenne, in a stock Velie. In the fourth position is Pete McMartin, also of Cheyenne, in an Apperson Jackrabbit. On the far left is James Nisbet in a Model T Speedster.

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