Edwardian Era Clip Art


One of the services I hope to deliver with this site is to provide anyone who wants it free clip art from the early 20th Century.  Much of this art, created by graphic artists of 90 to 110 years ago, is great stuff that can be used today. Check out the home page of firstsuperspeedway.com and the art at the bottom of the page. These sketches were originally in newspapers from the early 1900's. I photocopied them from microfilm, scanned them into a JPEG and cleaned them up in a Windows photo editor. My web designer then incorporated them into my site's design. Understand, too, that some of this art has nothing to do with racing, but I include it in the spirit of understanding the historical context of the period in which pre-WWI auto racing occurred. If you have an occasion where an Edwardian or Victorian theme - like a "Gibson Girl" - fits your graphic design, please use the files. Modify them as you see fit. I like to think the original artists are smiling somewhere, absolutely delighted their work lives on a century later in a medium none of them could have imagined.
Note: I have organized the art into "Era," "Racing," and "Advertising and Editorial Cartoons." The Era art are items that depict various aspects of American life in the early 1900s. The Racing images originally supported news reports and promotions. Finally, the Advertising and Editorial Cartoons either touted the wares of automobile manufacturers and suppliers while the Editorial Cartoons frequently highlighted the dangers of the sport to challenge its continuance.