Making History - Open Source Race Cars


Motor sports journalist Gordon Kirby published the second half of his Delta Wing analysis and while it gets to the concept of open source technology by using the Linux analogy I suggested, it still comes off as vague. Too much of the article is spent reinforcing the message that Indiana suppliers would be employed and the machine could be built in Indiana. However, if the car is truly open source and anyone - including Dallara, Swift, Lola and the latest group to toss their hat in the ring, BAT - can build the car then it would be very difficult to contain construction to Indiana and feed the cottage industry they discuss. That is a key aspect of open source: centralized control is impossible.
For the health of racing, though, that is not the main point. Which is why I'd like to see more articles focusing on the open source qualities that get more people into the game, leverage the wisdom of crowds, engage your audience and expand into new markets. Based on what I have been able to glean thus far from media reports, it seems to me Delta Wing is the way to go - assuming it really is all its cracked up to be.
Throw away the pictures and focus on expanding and engaging your market infrastructure. If fans don't like what it looks like, figure out a way to remain firm to your principles and deliver something they recognize as a race car. And while you are at it, be clear why you are doing what you are doing. You are leading the development of automotive technology relevant to the market forces shaping our lives in the 21st century.