Oldfield, Arnold, "Hell Drivers"


Wayne Carroll Petersen, a Barney Oldfield expert and a relative of the old "master driver" by marriage pointed out that Oldfield worked as a stunt driver for Chrysler in 1934. Check out the background behind this Chrysler promotional campaign, which included a film entitled "Death Cheaters' Holiday," which not only featured Oldfield but drivers Billy Arnold and Harry Hartz as well. The date is a little out of the scope of this Web site, but it does concern Barney Oldfield, one of the most recognizable drivers of the pre-WWI era of American racing. Teaming with a much younger Billy Arnold, winner of the 1930 Indianapolis 500, Oldfield drove Chryslers in thrill shows. The main idea was to demonstrate the safety and durability of a fine American product. Walter P. Chrysler is pictured with the two daredevils in this photo.