Fabulous Hoosier

By Jane Fisher
The Biography of Carl Graham Fisher
This is a complete copy of the biography of Carl Graham Fisher by his ex-wife Jane Watts Fisher. Jane wrote this book about 10 years after Carl’s passing in 1939. Although criticized for inaccuracies, the book is still a fair accounting of Carl’s life.
Carl Fisher squeezed numerous careers into one relatively short lifetime. He was the leading founder first president of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the developer of Miami Beach, the leader of the push to create the Lincoln Highway (the first transcontinental highway), the Dixie Highway from Chicago to Miami and the co-founder of Prest-O-Lite Corporation. He was among the first 25 licensed balloonists in the United States and flew with Orville Wright in one of his earliest bi-planes. In addition to founding the Speedway, he was also president of the Sheepshead Bay board track and built the Fulford-Miami board track, which was destroyed by a hurricane in 1926. The book is available for download below in two parts. Part 1 contains pages 1-115, including the foreword, acknowledgments, and table of contents. Part 2 contains pages 1-116, including pictures from the book.

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