1909 Hower Trophy

This image was originally published in the July 13, 1909 Indianapolis Star. This is the loving cup that was designed to be presented to the winner of the Hower Trophy, commissioned by Frank B. Hower who was, among other things, the chairman of the American Automobile Association (AAA) contest board. This award was for a category of car referred to as a "runabout," or a smaller, less expensive version of the touring cars that competed for the Glidden Trophy - which was initiated by telecommunications millionaire turned automobile advocate, Charles J. Glidden.
The Hower Trophy ran in tandem with the Glidden event. The previous year the Hower Trophy was technically a plaque but in 1909 returned to the loving cup style - this one with three handles and an inscription on the sides between each.
The caption that ran with the original publication reads as follows:
"The 1909 Hower Trophy for runabouts is now being exhibited in the window of an automobile dealer on Broadway, New York. As this trophy is a permanent possession, an entirely new one is put up every season. Last year the trophy was a plaque handsomely mounted. This year it is a silver loving cup, having three handles and an inscription on each panel between the handles. The front panel is elaborated with the representation of a runabout traveling at speed, set in relief with 'Hower Trophy for Runabouts' above the figure and the date '1909' below. On another panel is inscribed, 'Sixth Annual Reliability Tourin Contest of the American Automobile Association. Detroit-Denver-Kansas City, July 12-30, 1909.' On the third panel is engraved, 'Presented by Frank B. Hower, Chairman, Contest Board, A.A.A."

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