AAA Articles

Information about the operations of the AAA as the primary sanctioning body of auto racing in the United States, especially in the earliest days of the sport.

These articles reveal the names of the key officers of the American Automobile Association for 1906. They appeared in the January 1906 issue of Automobile Magazine.

This brief article the November 24, 1907 edition of the Indianapolis Star notes that the officers of state AAA organizations across the country were re-electeed to serve again in 1908.

This is an automotive news digest published in the Indianapolis Star on February 2, 1908, that notes three items I think are worth highlighting. The first is an item noting that American Automobile Association (AAA) President William Hotchkiss was at the head of the organization at this point in time.

This article from the February 21, 1909 Indianapolis Star (attachment AAAcontrocl022109) is interesting in that it announces the American Automobie Association's (AAA) plan to consolidate its power as the overarching automobile race sanctioning body in the United States.

This article from the Indianapolis Star was published January 30, 1909 and reported on the Indiana Auto Club's forecast for the coming year. With a reported 8,800 registered automobiles across the State's 92 counties Club officials projected that the total would exceed 10,000 by the start of the spring driving season. More car owners and drivers meant more customers.

An important article published in the Indianapolis Star on March 14, 1909 (attachment AAA031409) concerns the initial efforts of the revitalized American Automobile Association (AAA) Contest Board announced the previous month.

This item was originally published in the August 15, 1909 Indianapolis Star. It states the American Automobile Association's (AAA) position on the status of amateur drivers as opposed to professional ones.

This article was originally published in the August 15, 1909 Indianapolis Star. It provides an overview of the mission of the American Automobile Association (AAA) as well as a list of its board members, executive staff complete with names and titles. The article localizes its report with a list of the executives of the Indiana State Automobile Association and city/county affiliates.
On the national level the AAA officers were:

This is an interesting item on the American Automobile Association's (AAA) rules for race cars in 1909. The article appeared in the Indianapolis Star on August 15, 1909. The key issue of the day was to rule on what cars were considered "stock" versus purpose-built as race cars.

This article is yet another item from a special Sunday edition of the Indianapolis Star that touted the excitement of the upcoming first automobile races at the new Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The date was August 15, 1909.