Lowell Road Race

The road race in Lowell, Massachusetts only endured a couple of years but it attracted the major driving talents of the day. Expenses of staging the event proved to be an impossible business proposition. How the city may have prospered if the event could have surprised is impossible to know but it is fair to assume Lowell would have benefited from a healthy event.

This is Motor Age coverage of the 1908 Lowell, Massachusetts road race won by Lewis Strang.

These articles concern one of the biggest auto racing events of 1909, the Lowell, Massachusetts road races and time trials. This was a speed festival as some of the articles reference an associated Federation of American Motorcyclists (FAM) race meet as well as auto time trials and shorter auto races for different classifications of the car.

Originally published in the Sunday, March 20, 1910, Indianapolis Star, the article in attachment Lowell032010  was part of a special supplemental section about the upcoming March 28 Indianapolis Automobile Show presented by the Indianapolis Automobile Trade Association (IATA).