March 1910 Indianapolis Auto Show

This little known automobile show was staged in Indianapolis and involved the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in March 1910. The Speedway founders were very in tune with the automobile industry and especially the many companies (Marmon, Marion, Premier, etc.) based in Indianapolis. The environment in Indianapolis at this time was electric and not unlike Silicon Valley in its formative years. An extensive network of excited, energetic entrepreneurs full of optimism were constantly interacting with one another exploring opportunities to advance their businesses and make barrels full of money. This auto show was another great promotion these bright, visionary men believed would advance their cause.

This is a neat article from the March 26, 1910 Indianapolis News talking about the business impact of the March 1910 Indianapolis automobile show for the showrooms of "automobile row." Automobile Row was an area in downtown Indianapolis that was initiated by

This clipping from the Indianapolis News for March 31, 1910 provides a mediocre quality image that is broken into three pages. Worth a look to get a feel for the custom of draping the cars in flowers, but little else.

This collection of articles has only a tangential connection to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway or auto racing. The meat of the package is an article on the rules for the automobile show. Two other articles include a schedule for the National Aero Club's championship balloon races across the country as well as an item on the development of motorcycle engines.

This collection of articles reviews the state of the automobile industry with a focus on the Mid-West and especially Indianapolis. One article discusses the Indianapolis Motor Speedway's encouragement of amateurs to enter speed trials held on the track during the auto show. Finally, there is an item on Marmon's "Yellow Jacket," the name the firm used for its high speed racers prior to embracing the moniker, "Wasp."

This is a really neat advertisement for the March 27 - April 2, 1910 Indianapolis auto show. The ad includes the logos of dozens of car manufacturers and accessory parts companies. Great stuff. Also, on the second page there is a nice article that provides an update on Webb Jay, the great driver of the White Sewing Machine Company's steam car, "Whistling Billy."

This article summarizes the first day of the March 1910 Indianapolis auto show.

This is a nice collection of articles on the floral parade and how it came together for the March 1910 Automobile Show, plus an article discussing the plans for the Ind

This is a peculiar collection of articles about the March 1910 Indianapolis Automobile Show. This includes images of judges of the floral parade. Also, there are images of winners, such as Packard's "gun boat" float. It's reminiscent of the Tournament of Roses.

These articles summarize the banquet held to cap off the great Indianapolis auto show of March 27 through April 2 1910.

Nice collection of articles summarizing the progress of Indianapolis area automobile companies. Also, an article on the opening of the first board track, which was in Los Angeles.