This article from an August 1908 issue of Motor Age provides a good obit of Rene Panhard.

Count Jules-Albert de Dion was an interesting character born well before the first automobile and fascinated by its mechanics. He was a central figure in the very first auto race, such as it was, the Paris-to-Rouen open road contest. With engineer Georges Bouton he founded one of the first automobile companies, de Dion - Bouton.

This article with image appeared in the December 5, 1907 Indianapolis Star and marked the passing of Henery Osborne Havemeyer whose big contribution to auto racing was employing Lewis Strang as a chauffeur and consequently introducing him to his race driving mentor, Emil Stricker.

The attached article from the December 13, 1908 Indianapolis Star provides a profile of Italian driing ace Felice Nazzaro. While Nazzaro's career would extend to 1923, albeit interrupted by World War I, he was, at the time of this writing probably at the peek of his powers. Finding a more revered European driver in 1907 or 1908 would be an impossible task.

In attachment EdgarApperson032109 is an image of Edgar Apperson, one of the Apperson Brothers that owned the Kokomo, Indiana-based Apperson Automobile Company.

The attached article is an editorial by Hugh Chalmers, the man who put his name on the Chalmers Motor Car Company (previously Chalmers-Detroit), appeared in the April 4, 1909 Indianapolis Star.

The two attachments below both contain very brief articles on an early race driver of the time, Webb Jay. The article in attachment WebbJay052009 appeared in the May 20, 1909 Indianapolis Star.

Attached is an interesting (and very brief) piece on George Robertson best known for winning the 1908 Vanderbilt Cup and acting as team manager for Duesenberg for Jimmy Murphy's historic victory in the

Attached are three brief articles that provide verbal "snapshots" on the activities of three noted drivers in 1910. All the articles were published in the Indianapolis Star during the month of January 1910. The first article, in chronological order, concerns Lee Lorimer and was published January 9.