Felice Nazzaro Speaks - 1908

The attached article from the December 13, 1908 Indianapolis Star provides a profile of Italian driing ace Felice Nazzaro. While Nazzaro's career would extend to 1923, albeit interrupted by World War I, he was, at the time of this writing probably at the peek of his powers. Finding a more revered European driver in 1907 or 1908 would be an impossible task. Nazarro raced in America as well, in both the Vanderbilt Cup and American Grand Prize races. His third place finish in the 1908 American Grand Prize is referenced in this article as well as his success at the cement-paved Brooklands high-banked closed circuit in England.
As Nazzaro did not speak English the interpreter for the interview was New York Fiat importer E.R. Hollander who founded Hollander & Tangeman Company.

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