Count de Dion - Odd Perspective

Count Jules-Albert de Dion was an interesting character born well before the first automobile and fascinated by its mechanics. He was a central figure in the very first auto race, such as it was, the Paris-to-Rouen open road contest. With engineer Georges Bouton he founded one of the first automobile companies, de Dion - Bouton. The Count lived to be 90 years old, passing in 1946 and as result saw an incredible period of development for the automobile. In an article published in the April 8, 1906 edition of the Indianapolis Star de Dion envisions the future (1930) where the automobile dominates all forms of transportation. I publish here more as a lark. It doesn't demonstrate a great deal of imagination, limiting his vision strictly to the automobile as if all the rest of the world is standing still. While he discusses applications for military, postal and delivery services and public transportation he fails to take into consideration any developments in other emerging technology of the day: the phone, electrification, airpanes, transoceanic shipping or even the telegraph.
Regardless, de Dion was an important figure in early automobile development and I why I spied this article I thought I should capture it and make it more widely available.

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