Barney Oldfield Scrapbook - 1906

This category contains articles that I believe are from 1906. One piece is a good biographical profile. The folder also contains an editorial cartoon and a piece on Oldfield and his dog Hypo being accosted on a New York Street. This article also references his participation in the Broadway play, “The Vanderbilt Cup.”

In this interesting article, Barney Oldfield is quoted as he reflects on his auto racing career and his prospects for the future. With candor, he flatly states that his motivation is money. On the other perhaps he is not so candid. He dismisses the appeal of cheering crowds. From what I can glean of the real Barney Oldfield, that was hugely important to him as well.

A Cleveland Press cartoonist sketches his impressions of spending the day with Barney Oldfield at the ballpark.

In this package of articles Barney Oldfield philosophizes on human behavior, risk and motivation. He talks about "living in a fast age," and the kind of decisions that requires of people. A sidebar lists a chronology of Oldfield's significant accidents from 1902 through 1906.

This is an incomplete article that reports on how Oldfield and his wife were accosted when walking their dog, Hypo. Not much to it, but it is referenced in William Nolan's biography on Barney Oldfield, the Life and Times of America's Speed King.

This is an interesting set of articles from 1906. One article provides a reporter's point of view as he takes a ride around a track at speed with Oldfield in the Peerless Green Dragon. Another is a side bar where Oldfield explains the utilitarian purpose of his trademark cigar. Finally, there is promotional ad that communicates the program for a barnstorming event, complete with the "illuminated parade" through town the night before.