Hill Climb Races

This brief article originally appeared in the one of the Indianapolis daily newspapers on June 16, 1910. The report describes the events at the 1910 Giant's Despair Hill Climb, a contest that is still conducted today. Several races were conducted across a number of classes of cars with Ralph DePalma and Ray Harroun the most noteworthy winners.

This content was originally published in the June 11, 1910 edition of the Indianapolis Star. While it is a brief item, it contains several intriguing historical reference points. The primary article reports on the status of the Giant's Despair Hill Climb (which is still conducted today), which was postponed due to rain.

Hill Climb races were very popular in the early days of auto racing. This is a report from Motor Age Magazine on the Algonquin Hill Climb in 1908. The Stearns and Knox marques were the class of the field.

A Buick ad touting the success of to of its models in the 1906 Algonquin Hill Climb.

Attached are articles reporting on the April 26-27 Fort George Hill Climb. Both focus on the fortunes of the Indianapolis-based National Motor Vehicle Company with Indianapolis Motor Speedway Co-Founder Arthur C. Newby as one of its officers.

Published May 2, 1909 in the Indianapolis Star was a photo of a Buick Model 17 at the Indianapolis Buick-Losey automobile dealership in May 1909.

The articles in the attachments below focus on the National Motor Vehicle Company's entry into the Giant's Despair Hill Climb, sometimes referred to as the Wilkes-Barre Hill Climb which is a nod to the nearby city in Pennsylvania.

The two attachments below contain articles reporting on racing events taking place in early July 1909. Both focus on the fortunes of local boy Charles Stutz in particular. One is from the Indianapolis Star, a morning newspaper, and the other from the evening paper, the Indianapolis News. Both reports are digests of numerous news items extending beyond competition to include the auto industry in general.

The attachment here contains three brief items. One concerns results for the Algonquin Hill Climb in 1909.

The attachment you find here contains an article from the Indianapolis News published on October 18, 1909.