Buick Team 1909

Published April 18, 1909 in the Indianapolis Star, this is one of those rare articles (attachment StrangBurman041809) that is very brief, packed with information and holds historical significance.
Assembled by William Crapo Durant, who formed General Motors, the formidable Buick racing team of 1909 was a legitimate "super team" of driving talent with Lewis Strang (coming off a huge year in 1908), Louis Chevrolet and Bob Burman. I know from other readings that this team swept the country in 1909, aggressively winning at horse tracks, hillclimbs and road races like the June 1909 Cobe Trophy. This article calls out Bob Burman's recent success in New Orleans and anticipates the upcoming Fort George Hill Climb event. The succinct piece also speaks in general terms about the extensive success of the team.

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