Indiana Fairgrounds (Two-Wheel) Meet - 1908

The Indiana State Fairgrounds 1-mile dirt oval horse track had long ago established itself as the default track racing venue in Indianapolis and the surrounding area.  These articles from the Indianapolis Star report on the plans and execution of a motorcycle racing event in the autumn of 1908. An auto racing event had been presented at the Fairgrounds in September.
The article in attachment Motorcycles092608 discusses an Indiana Motorcycle Club meeting and banquet at 119 West Maryland Street to plan the contest. The meeting was chaired by Charles Wyatt, the Indiana Motorcycle Club president. Entry fees, types of races and whether the event was to be "closed" (limited to club members) or "open" were discussed. Among the attendees were such notables as Erwin Baker and Harry Dipple along with other local riders and officials.
Attachment CycleTrophy101108 was published in the Star the day following (October 11) the race meet which offered spectators seven events. In a preview of the following year's opening of motorized competition at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Chicago's Indian Motorcycle rider Fred Huyck dominated the day, winning all four of the contests he entered. He also set a lap record for the track. In a 10-mile race he lapped the field. This article also contains an image of a beautiful loving cup referred to as the "G&J Trophy." G&J was a tire company but it the article does explain the purpose of the trophy.

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