Oldfield, Baker & Half Mile Records

Attached are a pair of very brief Indianapolis News articles about mile records set on half-mile tracks in August and September 1909. The article in attachment OldfieldNews082609 reports that Barney Oldfield lowered his own mark on half-mile tracks from 1:14.6 to 1:06.6. He covered the first lap at 33.5 seconds. There is no mention of the car he used, but he was driving the Prince Henry Benz and his "Old Glory" National during this period. The track was at Findlay, Ohio.
The second article (BakerNews090709) notes that Erwin G. Baker of Indianapolis (later known as "Cannon Ball") rode his five horsepower "Green" Indian motorcycle to a new mile record - for a half-mile track - to a new record of 1:11.2. This time was close to a 1:10.6 recorded by Oldfield on the same track.
The motorcycle event took place in Lima, Ohio. Baker's record run was part of a larger meet that included races. Baker won a five-mile handicap and captured first place in the unlimited pursuit race. He finished second in a race that pitted Dayton and Indianapolis riders. A rider by the name of Nixon won that contest. Another Indianapolis-based rider, John Sink, rode his Thor to second place in the five-mile handicap. Baker came away from the meet with two silver trophies.

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