The Indiana Motorcycle Club

These articles were originally published in the August 7, 1909 Indianapolis News. This package provides a couple of meaty articles for researchers. The first item includes head shots of the cheif officers of the Indiana Motorcycle Club which was instrumental to organizing the Indianapolis Motor Speedway's first motorized competition August 14. Learn about how the club was formed at the home of Charles Wyatt on Lexington Avenue in Indianapolis during October 1907. The offices of the club in 1909 were located at 444 West Vermont Street.
Another article descibes how Wyatt and the club helped organize such support events as the big endurance run between Cleveland and Indianapolis. This piece includes a nice open letter from Wyatt, so you can get a sense of his priorities and passion. Another important piece of information contained in this content is a listing of a number of different motorcycle manufacturers and their hometown headquarters. These include Merkel, Excelsior, Reliance, Indian, Thor, N.S.U., Yale, Reading-Standard and Pierce.
Really, a nice piece of history contained here.

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