FAM Riders Ready for IMS Meet

This article first appeared in the July 31, Indianapolis News.
The headlines build the enthusiasm for the pending motorcycle meet at the new Indianapolis Motor Speedway - planned for August 13 and 14. The trigger for the report was what is described as an "enthusiastic" meeting of the Indiana Motorcycle Club the previous meeting in their clubrooms at 444 West Vermont Street in downtown Indianapolis.
Keep in mind that the race event was to be the capstone of a week of meetings by the officers and membership of the national sanctioning organizations, the Federation of American Motorcyclists (FAM). The local club was a member of the nationwide body and played host.
The article notes that many motorcycle manufacturers from across America contributed an array of silver trophies and "merchandise prizes" such as tires and lights. There were awards planned for riders finishing first through fourth in the Speedway contests. G&J Tire Company, a local firm, donated a three-foot tall $500 silver cup. All the cups were displayed in the storefront window of Marott's Shoe Store.
Top riders mentioned are Freddie Huyck, who rode Indian motorcycles, and Ed Lingenfelder of Los Angeles who raced for the N.S.U. brand. Local rider and auto racer Charlie Merz planned to ride an N.S.U. as well. Another Indianapolis rider, Johnny Merz planned to ride a Thor.
Huyck apparently told reporters he wanted to arrive several days in advance and put in "about 200 miles of practice." He reportedly was bringing three Indian bikes of varying size: machines of seven, four and 2.5 horsepower.
The Reading Standard team planned to support two riders - Jack Rice and Walter Berner. Two more local riders, John Sink (N.S.U.) and Erwin Baker (Indian) also filed entries. Baker would later earn the nickname "Cannon Ball" for his cross-country endurance drives in cars and on bikes.
Indianapolis' glamorous downtown hotel, the Denison, served as FAM headquarters for the week. Their business conference was a mix of sessions concerning governance, industry issues and entertainment. 

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