Gibney Accident Attributed to Hand Pump

Here are two brief articles. The first originally appeared in the August 15, 1909, Indianapolis Sun. The subject is the accident of motocycle patrolman Albert Gibney, who took vacation to compete in the first motorized competition at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Gibney became the first competitor in the history of the Speedway to be injured at the track when he took a spill on Friday, August 13. While he did recover, his injuries were serious enough that he could not compete in the August 14 race meet. Interesting to note, that Gibney's accident occurred while he was oiling his engine. This was accomplished with a hand pump, which forced riders to steer one-handed. Gibney's speed at the time was 65 mph while traveling over the bumpy, crushed stone surface of the Speedway.
The second article is from the August 14, Indianapolis News. It corroborates much of the same information.

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