Summary of 1909 Motorcycle Races

The first attachment (news81609) contains articles that were originally published in the August 16, 1909, Indianapolis News. This collection of brief articles and an image provide a nice summary of the activities during the 1909 motorcycle week in Indianapolis and at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. First, there is a complete summary of the race results in a table, listing each race separately. Second, there is a "pit pass" style column that offers some briefs on some of the riders, starting with Jake DeRosier, but also Fred Huyck, who won more races (three) than anyone else at the meet. The article says his name is pronounced, "hike."
The article also describes some of the riders' physical stature, listing Erwin Baker (later known as "Cannon Ball") and Ed Lingenfelder as burly men, and DeRosier and Huyck as more jockey-sized. For color, which I love, the article notes that the Merkel team color was orange - on bikes and team sweaters. Back to DeRosier, the image is of him beginning his race that resulted in an injury-inflicting fall can be found elsewhere on First Super Speedway.
The last article focuses on the Federation of American Motorcyclists (FAM) convention, which was held in the city the same week as the motorcycle races. Indianapolis won high praise for their hospitality to FAM and convention delegates elected two Hoosiers to officer positions. Fred Willis of Indianapolis was elected president, and Charles Wyatt, president of the Indiana Motorcycle Club, was elected vice president. FAM's western district headquarters were subsequently relocated to Indianapolis from Chicago.
The second attachment, IMSmotoNews081909, contains a very brief article reporting on the medical condition of Jake DeRosier after his big spill during one of the races. He was reported to be planning a trip home to Springfield, Massachusetts on Monday, August 23, 1909, which means he had a hospital stay of about nine days. He was injured on August 14.

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