The American Brooklands?

This article was originally published in the August 1, 1909 Indianapolis Star. This is a promotional piece that touted what a great event the upcoming motorcycle race meet at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway would be. It talks about the excitement over the Federation of American Motorcyclists (FAM) bringing their show to Indianapolis to open the new Speedway as well as listing some of the big name drivers planning to participate.
I also want to point out that the article notes how people were referring to the new Speedway as the "American Brooklands," to compare it to the 2.75-mile concrete paved and high banked closed circuit in England. The Speedway founders were keenly aware of Brooklands and in particular there is evidence that track President Carl Fisher felt somewhat upstaged by the big track that went into operation (in 1907) before he could bring the Speedway on line.
There is another item in this package - an image that shows a few of the riders of the day, including Californian Ed Lingenfelder.

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