Moto Board Track in Indianapolis?

This Indianapolis News article (attachment IndyMoto020510) ran several months after the Federation of American Motorcyclists (FAM) 1909 motorcycle week in Indianapolis and at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway - the first motorized competition at the historic track. The article reports on progress made by the Indiana Motorcycle Club in terms of governance and planning.
Published February 5, 1910, the article reports that a slate of club officers was elected the previous evening. They planned to incorporate (sell stock shares) and grow membership to 500. Additional plans called for a new office building as the club hoped to ride the crest of a rapidly growing moto market. The club was meeting at a home at 444 West Vermont Street at the time.
The new slate of officers:

Fred I. Willis of Indianapolis had been previously elected president of FAM. Willis reportedly in favor of a return to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in 1910, but the moto locals set a priority on the construction of a board track for motorcycles. The article indicates that the track would be "three laps" long, but I suspect the writer meant three miles. There is no record of this track coming to fruition. The article correctly reports such facilities were being constructed across the United States at that time. 

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