Kellogg Predicts Records to Fall

You'll find here two attachments of the same article, one in better shape. The article was originally published in the August 6, 1909, Indianapolis News. This item has two components, one is an article with amateur rider Stanley Kellogg predicting that records would fall after testing at the new Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Also interesting is an image of the Overland Automobile Company's official escort car for the Federation of American Motorcyclists (FAM) endurance run between Cleveland and Indianapolis the week of the August 14 race at the Speedway. It also includes information about the car's departure for the endurance course.
First, read about Kellogg's favorable impressions about the condition of the Speedway after his first test session. As a result, he predicted new world speed records. The 24-year-old Kellogg said, "If the tire equipment is proper the world's records will certainly go on this track." Accompanying Kellogg was his teammate from Merkel, Charles "Fearless" Balke. The article quotes an unidentified colleague of Balke, commenting on his riding prowess.
"That fellow would drive at full speed through an opening two feet wide. He certainly has earned his title as some of his performances on the track have caused thousands of spectators to grow weak and turn pale."
As for the Overland car, the article reports that the endurance run was scheduled to start the following Tuesday. The car, driven by Charles Wallerick, had left Indianapolis for Cleveland that morning. The FAM officials planned to leave in the car in advance of the bikes with a headstart of one hour. They were to make all arrangement associated with a reception for the riders in towns along the course.

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