Kellogg Leads Merkel Team

This brief article originally appeared in the August 5, 1909, Indianapolis News. It reports on how the Merkel team was the first factory entrant to arrive in Indianapolis for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway's first motorized competition. The team was called, "The Flying Merkels," and were headquartered in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. Joe Merkel, designer and builder of the bikes, traveled with Edwin Buffum, sales manager for the firm. 
Stanley Kellogg, an amateur of renown, was the initial Merkel rider to arrive. Charles Balke and another rider with the last name of Turner also joined the group. Buffam, Balke, and Turner planned to ride the Cleveland to Indianapolis endurance run course the following day. This contest involved hundreds of amateur riders and was part of the week's festivities.
The article also notes how the Indian team of 14 riders was en route, and Walter Davidson was traveling with the Harley-Davidson factory entries. Meanwhile, the article reveals that local Federation of American Motorcyclist (FAM) officials had left that morning to review the Cleveland-Indianapolis course. G.W. Stephens and G.Hamilton rode in the official automobile of the event, the Overland pathfinder car. A Harley-Davidson team of four riders followed the car. At that time officials believed some 250 riders would take part in the endurance run.
Local rider Harry Graff planned to compete at the Speedway as well as take part in the endurance run. He rode a Reading-Standard bike. Dayton, Ohio's New Era Gas Company and the Pierce Company of Buffalo both planned to enter six bikes each in the endurance test.

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