Indiana Motorcycle Club BOD

This is an image of the board of directors of the Indiana Motor Cycle Club. Each person is named so this could be a good reference if anyone was researching the organization. The names of these men, in the order they are listed in the image, are: John McGarver, George Stephens, P.C. Hudson, Lee Chapman, F.I. Willis, W.D. Dean, Gus Habich, Charles Wyatt, George Detch, G.H. Hamilton, H.A. Githens, G.H. Westing, F.O. Munter, Robert Sturm and Harry Graff. One point I want to make is with respect to the man identified as John McGarver. One of the top competitors in the FAM endurance run was a man named John McCarver whose name was misspelled in at least one instance. I have to wonder if this isn't another example of misidentifying the man.
This image accompanied an article originally published in the July 4, 1909 Indianapolis Star and pertained to the preparations for the first motorized event at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway - the 1909 Federation of American Motorcyclists (FAM) race meet.

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