McCarver vs. McCarber

This image of Indianapolis resident and motorcycle rider John McCarver was originally published in the August 11, 1909 Indianapolis Star. The photo supported an article ran on the same page that reported on the Cleveland-to-Indianapolis endurance run that kicked off the August 1909 motorcycle race meet at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The race meet was the first motorized race competition at the Speedway which had only recently finished construction at the time the photo appeared. The reality is that the track surface proved unworthy of the races and more construction would be required through the autumn months to pave the course with 3.2 million bricks.
In the above link to the article on the endurance run note that McCarver ended up being the second rider to report to the finish. Also, his name was apparently misspelled in either this report or in the article. In this image his name is spelled "McCarber" but given that I have seen it spelled "McCarver" in still another report I am betting on the "v" version.

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